Put the odds in your favor with Flawless Whitetail Attractants. High quality, authentic deer urine bottled in the USA will greatly increase your chances of harvesting the best buck of your hunting career. Real Deer Urine exceeds USDA and ATA Deer Protection Guidelines

Flawless Whitetail Deer Attractants is known for providing high-quality deer urine to attract whitetail deer, with or without the use of deer decoys. Our deer scents remain powerful as it is bottled immediately and collected fresh during the various stages of the deer’s year. Bottling quickly slows the natural decomposition of the organic material present in the fresh urine, ensuring that our product’s scent profile is maintained until you use it in the field. Use the Lady Calmer to keep deer close to your hunting area. Extreme Estrus will drawn love-sick bucks cruising for willing does. Lastly our Raging Buck scent will give the impression that a foreign buck is looking for love and drive resident bucks into a RAGE. The family of Flawless Whitetail Attractants will make a difference in your hunting.

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