Excellent source of essential minerals deer growth. Replenish the deficiency in the natural habitat by adding Power Play. Created from essential trace minerals needed for reproductive function and healthy growth. Salt alone doesn’t contain all the minerals bucks require for antler growth, or provide what’s essential for does, fawn development and milk production. Strengthen Bone • Improve Antler Growth • Create Healthier Does & Fawns for years to come.

A very simple and economical way to create antler growth and overall health of the deer herd is to use a quality deer mineral such as the Flawless Power Play. Using quality formulated deer mineral will produce noticeable results in antler growth within the first year of use. There are numerous products on the market that promote antler growth, but it is important to know what is really necessary to grow antlers. Protein, Energy, Minerals and Vitamins are the key elements in antler growth.

The most important (and the most expensive) mineral in antler growth is PHOSPHORUS. In fact, before any Calcium can be used by a buck for antler growth, an adequate level of Phosphorus has to be present in that deer’s diet. And before Calcium and Phosphorus can interact, enough Vitamin D has to be present in that animal’s diet. Minerals and Vitamins work together very closely and their interaction is extremely important. These essential nutrients are found within the common ingredients of Power Play.

Flawless Whitetail Nutrients incorporates major minerals which play a key role in antler growth, and overall deer health which includes trace minerals and vitamins. As an example, not only is the trace mineral copper important for antler growth and tissue health, but some scientists believe that a lack of copper in a deer’s diet may lead to a higher incidence of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). There are numerous major minerals, trace minerals and vitamins that deer need on a daily basis and all are important for that animal to perform daily functions and be healthy.

Here is a breakdown of some the essential nutrients we use in the creation of the Flawless Whitetail Power Play minerals: Manganese (not to be confused with the major mineral Magnesium), is another trace mineral that is required for normal reproduction and fetal development. Selenium is important for reproduction and also works hand in hand with Vitamin E to help deer deal with stress and is also important in the antler development process. Zinc is important as it stimulates an animal’s immune system, helps deer deal with stressful periods like the rut, extreme cold and snow, extreme heat and drought.

The greatest consumption of mineral will take place from February to September we do stress that you keep mineral available to your deer herd all year long. Establishing one mineral site per 30-40 acres near a water hole, food plot or well-traveled trail will benefit numerous deer who pass through the area. Where possible, establish your mineral sites starting in February and continuing through the growing season. During the summer months bucks need the minerals for antler growth, body growth and immune system health. Does will absorb the nutrients for fetal development, milk production, immune system health and to replenish minerals lost during the fawning period. Young fawns will be drawn to the nutrients for body development, skeletal development and immune system maintenance. Once antler growth is finished and the fawns have been weaned, we still see the whole deer family using those mineral licks during stressful periods. Established mineral sites will be useful for many years to come as the ground will soak up the nutrients and these trace elements can be found within the dirt for years to come.