Hang in trees above a known scrape or feeding area to bring deer into the area time after time. Heavy duty burlap bag will allow rain to flow through and drip to the ground. A convenient 3.5 pound bag to fit directly into your pack. Excellent source of essential minerals deer growth. Replenish the deficiency in the natural habitat by adding Power Play. Created from essential trace minerals needed for reproductive function and healthy growth. Salt alone doesn’t contain all the minerals bucks require for antler growth, or provide what’s essential for does, fawn development and milk production. Strengthen Bone • Improve Antler Growth • Create Healthier Does & Fawns for years to come. Ingredients: Calcium 13.5% • Phosphorus 3.0% • Salt 61% • Sodium 26% • Cobalt 30ppm • Copper 600ppm • Iodine 46ppm • Manganese 2300ppm • Selenium 10ppm • Zinc 2400ppm